fs.hn - the shortcut to trendy URLs

The Simple Way to Make Elegant URLs About Fashion

Fs.hn is the URL shortener service for online fashion destinations. Whether you are an eCommerce site, a fashion blog or a fashion social media darling, there's no clearer way to tell your visitors that you are linking to fashion content than a URL shortened with the fs.hn tool.

Web stores make ugly URLs that sometimes go over 2 lines in an email and that may not fit into Twitter. It's not uncommon for eCommerce URLs look like this:


We can take that URL and shorten it to something nice like:


Blogs and publishing software often tries to make long descriptive URLs to help with SEO, yet at the same time those huge web addresses don't fit in a Tweet:


To Tweet that out, wouldn't using this give you a few more characters to play with?


Fs.hn - The Stylish Way to Make Over Your URLs

Fs.hn gives you shortened URLs at a click of a button, all easily identifiable as fashion content. We also give you statistics and browser toolbar widgets to make it easy to create a fs.hn link from any page.

Exclusive Access for Fashion VIPs

There have been many other URL shortener services that have been subject to use by spammers such as tr.im. In order to keep out the riff-raff and the filth, we've opted for a pay-for model. It's hardly expensive however it's only open for fashion industry people who are happy to contribute towards running this service.

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